Get Paid for Easy Tasks like Watching TV and Searching!

If you want to make money in your spare time from tasks you would do anyway then the opportunities listed on this page are exactly what you are looking for. They may not be ‘jobs’ in the traditional sense, but does that really matter if they increase your income? There’s a wide selection of tasks to do: everything from watching youtube videos to signing up for bingo sites. With variety in mind, here’s our list of the best miscellaneous online money makers. If you want to see more interesting ways of making money, check out our top 10 unusual ways to make money online.

Make £100s completing offers


We’re including this opportunity first as it has the highest earning potential. In fact, we’ve seen reports of users making £300 profit and more by completing offers.

There is a catch, unlike almost all the other opportunities listed on our website, this will involve an initial spend on your part. The website itself is completely free to join, but the way it works is to split commission with you. In essence, when you sign up for certain offers on websites, those websites earn a commission payment from the relevant advertiser. 20Cogs works by pointing you in the direction of the offers and then giving you some of the payment they receive. Offers could involve signing up to particular websites, eg bingo websites, and spending £10. However, your share of the commission payment will be advertised upfront and will be higher than the amount you spend. Once you have completed 20 offers you can cash out. Of course, you have to be very careful not to be drawn into gambling and pursuing other offers that you don’t actually want, but if you use the program as directed then you will come away with a hefty profit.

You can click here to join 20Cogs now and get started.

Make money watching videos and playing games


As well as offering money for completing surveys, which you can read more about here, Swagbucks also allows users to play games and watch videos to earn extra Swagbucks, which can be converted into cash.


RewardTV is a free TV trivia site which rewards you with cash and prizes for taking part. It’s more of a fun ‘add on’ than a serious money maker, as points are generally used to enter into prize draws for cash, rather than being converted into cash directly. It’s fun to play though, so if you like TV then it’s definitely worth taking part.

Gift Hunter Club

Gift Hunter Club offers points in return for watching videos, completing polls and entering competitions. The points can then be converted into payment via PayPal or with Amazon vouchers. As the payment is calculated in US dollars, it is often better to receive money via PayPal, which will automatically convert the amount into pounds sterling. The website is fun to engage with and earnings are pretty decent.

Get paid to web search


Qmee is a browser add-on which activates when you use google or other search engines. It shows you sponsored links which are paid for by their advertisers. You can also earn extra money by completing surveys. Once you have made some money you can cash out via PayPal with no minimum. If you do click on the Qmee ads be sure to stay on the page it takes you to for at least 20-30 seconds or so. Qmee pays people who engage with their advertising. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy through them, but it does mean you need to demonstrate that you are at least interested in the products.

Tips and tricks

  • As usual, NEVER PAY to join any ‘money making’ site. If they are charging you then the likelihood is that the only ‘money making’ opportunity on the site is for the owners!
  • Sign up using a dedicated email to keep any spam in one place.
  • Make sure to cash out often rather than leave money hanging around. You never know if a website will disappear, or you may simply forget about your money after a while!
  • Do not get drawn into gambling after signing up for offers on sites like 20Cogs. Once you have spent your minimum amount to earn your reward, just leave the site and enjoy your profit.