Online survey sites that actually pay!

A bit like data entry jobs, online survey sites have become a popular way to earn extra cash. Surveys are usually not difficult to fill in and, although the pay for each one is usually quite small, they can be a really useful way of earning some extra cash in your spare time. However, one of the problems of popularity is the growth of ‘scams’ or websites claiming to put you in touch with online survey jobs but which require you to pay some form or membership or other fee. Whatever you do, NEVER PAY for online survey sites or data entry jobs. Here we list some legitimate online survey sites which we have tried and tested. Do let us know if you have any problems with any of them. If you are looking for more lucrative ways to earn money online then check out our top 10 highest paid online jobs.


Type of job: Online, computer based, unskilled.

Skills: Only basic skills required – some typing.

Hours: Completely flexible. You can choose to complete online surveys whenever you choose. Some websites give you a time limit for completion once you start, but these limits are generous compared with the time it will usually take.

Equipment: None, apart from a device with internet access – which you are using right now to read this!

Pay: Fairly low. You will probably only make around £2-3 per hour. But, it’s money you can make in your free time for very little effort.

Legitimate online survey sites


Swagbucks is a very popular rewards site which you can use to make money for filling in online surveys. Swagbucks also allows you to collect points (known as ‘Swagbucks’) for doing other things such as shopping through their deals rather than directly through retailers and doing your online searches through their own search engine. You can also earn Swagbucks for watching videos and playing games. The only catch is that Swagbucks pays out in giftcards rather than cash. However, the gift cards are for popular sites such as Amazon, so you can usually use them for necessary purchases.


I-Say was formerly Ipsos and is a leading research survey company. I-Say tells you at the start how long each survey is so you can make a decision about whether or not to take it. Payment is made through high-street vouchers which can be spent at outlets such as Argos and Boots. We have received very favourable feedback about this site as possibly the best paying online survey site.


Toluna offers a steady stream of surveys for completion. Pay is pretty good, though you sometimes have to wait a little while for payout to be processed.


Vivatic is another reliable survey site with earnings for each survey starting at around £0.75. Surveys can be as short as 5-10 minutes. This site also offers other tasks such as writing tasks and data entry.


This is a US company but it is reliable and pays around £1.20 per survey. You have to reach around £30 before you can cash out. Payment is made by paypal.


This is a well paying site but it only posts surveys infrequently, and you have to be quick to join in for each one. A good site to keep use as an addition.


The payment threshold for Crowdology is a low £4 for paypal, which means that you can obtain payout more quickly than with some other survey sites. Each survey pays between £0.40 and £10 and takes just 5-10 minutes to complete.


Mintvine is one of the quicker websites to get to payout, and although it is based in the US it does allow UK users. Pay is relatively low per survey but they are quite quick and there are plenty to do.


Prolific (formerly Panelbase) provides a wide-range of research surveys so there should be something to cover all interests. Surveys tend to be frequent and quick to fill in, though some of its ‘partner’ surveys can be boring and more long-winded. This is one of the few online survey sites to payout directly to bank accounts rather than to paypal or in vouchers.


PanelOpinion has a low cash out threshold of only £10 so it can be fairly quick to reach. It does also offer competitions for extra cash.


This site tends to provide relatively short and quick surveys. Payment for each one is fairly low, but the payout threshold is low too so it is still worth using.


YouGov only provides surveys infrequently, and has a high payout threshold. However, it is a reliable service and money can be decent if you persevere.

Tips and tricks

  • Set up a dedicated email account before you sign up to online survey sites – otherwise you will be bombarded with ‘offers’
  • Pay careful attention to marketing preferences. Some surveys will ask you for things like your telephone number or postal address. Always ensure that you decline marketing.
  • Don’t rush and answer truthfully. If you rush through surveys then some sites will disqualify you (because it looks like you aren’t answering truthfully). Similarly, if you provide inconsistent answers you are at risk of getting banned from further surveys.