Voice-Over Actor Jobs

Voice-Over Actor Jobs

Have you been told that you have a beautiful voice? Or perhaps you’re famous for imitating accents or celebrity voices? In that case, you might be able to make money doing voice-over jobs online.

Some people use their voices to be virtual call centre agents, and this is also a job you could consider if you have a clear and friendly intonation. Others may decide to become Virtual Assistants. Additionally, you could even consider doing podcasts . However, doing voice-overs is a much more creative process, and it comes with a large variety of opportunities.

As a voice actor, you may be asked to lend your voice to business commercials, audiobooks, cartoon characters, animated characters (cartoons and video games), TV commercials, and much more.

And, while you might not become rich at the entry level, established voice actors have been able to generate lucrative amounts that can even reach to $200 USD per hour. So, it’s all about getting started and investing some time and effort into perfecting yourself.

What do you need to become a voice actor? Here’s what you might want to know.


Type of job

  • Creative.

skills required

  • Clear voice
  • Ability to convey a range of emotions
  • Some knowledge of recording and editing software.


  • Computer
  • Good quality microphone
  • Headphones
  • Microphone stand
  • Recording and editing software.

pay rates

A voice over artist typically charges anyhing from $35 (£30) per hour up to around $200 per hour.

What Does It Take to Earn by Doing Voice-Over Jobs Online?

Being a professional voice actor is something that can take years of studying and practice. However, if you have a dramatic flair, a noticeable voice, and use the right intonation, you might do well without any professional training.

Of course, the difference between landing a job as a professional and as an amateur is usually the difference between doing film industry gigs and smaller, business-based ones. However, you shouldn’t underestimate your earning potentials even if you’re not a professional voice actor.

Doing voice-overs today is available to anyone who is willing to give it a go, with websites and outsourcing platforms offering plenty of jobs to choose from. See below for our favourites.

So, if you want to get into this kind of business, it’s first important that you set up a quiet room with a desk, a PC with recording software, and a microphone. You could aim for a home studio, but it’s not necessary at the start.

Your Microphone Is Your Most Important Asset

Your microphone is going to be your most important asset, so make sure you pick better quality.

Unidirectional or bidirectional microphones capture the sounds coming out of your mouth without recording much of the environment. This is great if you don’t want your recording to include noises such as cars and children from outside your window.

Another noise factor you need to take care of are the S and P sounds we make when speaking in a microphone. This is best done with a pop filter, which works by reducing those sounds and transmitting the sound evenly.

Finally, you might want to get a microphone stand, so you won’t have to hold the microphone.  

Where to Find Voice-Over Jobs Online

Depending on your experience, you might need to start from the bottom and work your way up. Once you have accumulated enough experience and learned some voice-over techniques, you could start to aim for companies that specialize in this type of work.


ACX is an Amazon platform which features books that you can turn into audiobooks. They would then be sold through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. By creating a profile here, you can upload samples of your narrating skills, apply for gigs, and earn up to 40% royalties for every audiobook purchase.

Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings specialize in phone greetings, messages on hold, and voice prompts. To apply, you need to record a demo and send it via their application form. Note that you need to master some voice-over skills related to this niche.

Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny is a voice-over outsourcing platform that lets you set your own rates and receive offers. The application process includes a test project which serves to assess your skills. If you pass it, you get accepted and you can start working.


At Fiverr, you can offer voice-overs for a variety of purposes and charge your services starting at $5 USD. The price, of course, goes up as you add “extras” to your service. Voice-overs are the most popular search query there, at the time of writing.


Upwork is another good place to start your online voice-over freelancing career. As one of the most famous outsourcing platforms, here you can find many types of jobs, including voice-over gigs advertised by smaller companies or individuals.


Freelancer.com, is another outsourcing platform which features job offers from different industries, including voice-over jobs.

Voice 123

Voice 123 is an outsourcing platform that has collaborated with big clients such as MTV, Universal Studios, and Zynga. Working here means you get to set up regular auditions, fix your own rates, and state methods of payment. However, while the Standard membership is free, your chances of landing a job are much lower, as you can receive offers, but can’t apply for open projects. The Premium Membership costs $395 USD per year.

Voices Now

Voices Now feature hundreds of voice-over talents from all around the world and offers voice-over services as well as audiobook services. To join Voices Now, you need to contact them and tell them what you can do. If they’re interested, they’ll get back to you and invite you to join their team.

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