Make money from home with an online teaching job

You may not realise it, but you no longer need a professional teaching qualification or to leave your home in order to make money from teaching. Many websites exist to match online teachers with students around the world, meaning you can make money as an online teacher using webcam software such as Skype. Even if you don’t have a professional expertise which you think you can teach, teaching your own language (eg English) to students can also be highly lucrative. Keep reading for our top suggestions on where to find online teaching work. If you do have a professional qualification, you might also want to consider our academic writing jobs suggestions as well.


Type of job: Interactive; teaching

Skills: You will need either a specialist subject which you can teach (for example if you have a degree you could teach that subject) or be prepared to teach your native language.

Hours: Flexible. You can set your hours entirely at your convenience. As students are global, different timezones will enable you to get work at any time.

Equipment: An internet connection and a good quality webcam, possibly with a good quality additional microphone.

Pay: As you become more experienced and gain reviews you can expect to earn up to around £30/hour. We suggest you start by charging less until you are well-reviewed.

How do online teaching jobs work?

Online teaching involves connecting with individual students via an internet-based platform to offer them teaching in a specific area. Your students may be children who need extra support, eg GCSE students needing exam help, all the way up to University students seeking extra tuition. Alternatively, students may be adult learners or language learners. Typically, language learners do not require the same checks and qualifications as those seeking specialist tuition for their children.

We suggest that you use a reputable website to put you in touch with students (see below), but once you have gained confidence and experience you may decide to set up your own website to reach out to students directly. Some of the existing tutoring websites have their own specialist software and resources which you are required to use, whilst others use Skype to connect you with students. You are typically paid by the completed lesson, though some of them do pay an hourly rate or bill per minute that you are connected with individual students.

Legitimate online teaching jobs


Preply has a dedicated language tutor section as well as an academic section. In fact, if you don’t have formal qualifications then Preply is probably going to be the site for you as it allows you to teach your native language. You can set your own rate, with popular tutors charging around £30 per hour. The website works on a review system and does not permit you to offer free taster lessons. This means that you aren’t having to compete with ‘free’ lessons, but you may take some time building up a client base and may have to charge lower rates in your early days on the site. Although this website is less formal in terms of its requirements, be warned that your first lesson with a new student is payable entirely to the website, meaning that your students have to return before you will be paid.


This website provides a good platform for tutors who either hold a degree or are currently studying for one. You don’t need previous teaching experience to apply, so the site is more accessible than some others. The website works in $USD, with a set rate of $18 per hour to teachers.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors are another USA based company which offers teaching jobs online. Slightly differently from most of the other websites listed here, Chegg focuses on school age children and pays hourly, starting at $20/hour. There is no requirement to commit to a certain number of hours or to work a set schedule. Simply log in when you want and get matched with students.


This is a UK based tutoring website which specifically recruits students for its online tutoring roles. You are paid between £10 and £24 per tutorial. The software is easy to use and provides for useful lesson tools. There is an interview as part of the recruitment process. However, once you are successfully accepted as an online tutor the work is flexible and payment is made weekly.


EvoTuition pays weekly and has a low commission of only 12%. You are in charge of setting your own rates, with a suggested rate of £35 per hour. It is UK based and allows you to offer free taster lessons in order to attract more students. The online software is easy to use and offers a virtual interactive whiteboard system which you can use to enhance your online tuition.

Tips for online teaching jobs

  • Fill in your profile as fully as possible – detail your experience, skills and unique tuition approaches
  • Use a smiling profile photo
  • Get to know the software fully before you stoart
  • Log in regularly to reply to messages
  • Offer a short free trial lesson (if possible)
  • Agree a block of lessons, and always try to arrange the next lesson before the end
  • Keep your workspace well lit, clean and tidy
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection.